Ownership Philosophy: Perpetual & Autonomous

At Vela APX, we buy and hold companies forever, which requires continuous investment in our businesses – their products, brands and people – and a long-term horizon for strategic decisions.

The philosophy of perpetual ownership manifests itself in policy entirely focused on the continuity of business. This allows management to focus on the quality of day-to-day operations and sustainable organic growth. Our preference is to keep our businesses largely autonomous and decentralised, with brands and cultures intact (though improved wherever possible) after acquisition.

Employee Opportunities and Resources

Joining the Vela Software Group means joining a unique, global set of peers with experience in over 80 vertical markets and across 6 continents. Our friendly, learning-focused culture brings together these leaders – formally and informally – in order to continually share in-the-field experiences and new best practices. Vela provides formal training sessions and offsite events for employees.

A message from our Group CEO

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